Longer Life

Longer life in toughest water conditions with Blue Diamond® glass lined tank.

Maximum Energy Savings

Maximum energy savings with BEE 5 Star rating.

Superior Performance

Superior performance with incoloy heating element.

Temperature Control Knob

Temperature Control Knob Easy temperature settings.

Advanced PUF Installation

Advanced PUF Insulation High energy efficiency and power savings.

Long Lasting Anode Rod

Long-lasting Anode Rod 2X lifespan as compared to normal magnesium rod.


10 Litres, 15 Litres, 25 Litres

Water Pressure (Bars)


Power Supply/Frequency (V/Hz)

230 V/50 Hz

Wattage (w)



2 Years on Product, 3 Years on Heating Element, 7 Years on Inner Tank

Coming Soon


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