1 Jumbo Burner

Faber cooktop comes with 1 jumbo (92 mm) to keep up large utensils. With safety, it also delivers resistance from corrosion and high heat.


Double Drip Tray

Double round drip tray in the Jumbo series of Faber gives extra space to lock up the food spillage while cooking. You can easily remove it and thus making it easy to clean.

Black Powder Coated Frame

Black powder coated frame of Faber’s cooktop intensifies its durability as it provides resistance from scratching and chipping. It also provides less environmental impact while giving a beautiful look to your kitchen.


Toughened Glass

Body of this Faber cooktop is crafted with toughened glass, which gives it a clean and classy finish along with durability to last longer.


Ergonomically Designed Knobs

Understanding that the knobs are the control center of the cooktop, Faber cooktop’s are fitted with super-durable, industrial-grade plastic knobs that have a much longer life and are built to keep your cooking experience fully in your control.


Brass Burners

The brass burners used in Faber’s cook top are of premium quality. It comes with four brass burners,including 1 jumbo burners to keep up large utensils. With safety, it also delivers resistance from corrosion and high heat.

Easy to Clean

Faber cooktops are specially designed to make the cooking experience classy and the cleaning experience easy. The cooktop body can endure all things from the spicy and oily Indian cuisine to the saucy and creamy Italian cuisine, and still stay stain proof. After cooking, these cooktops can be easily and fully cleaned with a wet cloth and a cleaning agent.


Pan Support

Faber’s round pan support keeps your utensils safe by not burning them. This coating also stops rusting. Powder coating also prevents from scratching and fading of the colour.

Number of Burner Hobs



2 Year Full Warranty + 5 Year Warranty on Toughened Glass


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