Suction capacity

Suction power refers to the consumption of oil and smoke particles while you are cooking in your kitchen. Faber chimney comes with higher suction power of 1095 m3/h , which helps you to cook your food easily and peacefully.

Powerful Motor

Faber Hoods come with powerful motor for efficient suction capacity. Being powerful it also ensure the long durability and lesser noise.

Push Button

Simple to operate and self explanatory. Comes with 3 speed push button and separate button for light, gives you the flexibility of operating light irrespective of speed buttons.

Noise Level

Lesser noise level to give you a calm environment in your kitchen. You can focus on your cooking without any disturbance.

Baffle Filters

3 layer Baffle Filter – A patented baffle filter technology designed especially for oily Indian cooking. Faber 3 layer baffle filter allows vapours to suddenly chop and change direction, thereby separating grease particles.Constructed from Stainless steel to last for lifetime, hence no cost for replacement.Can be easily cleaned in dishwasher or by hand.


This product come with 2 LED lamps, which consumes very less power. It will give perfect amount of light while cooking .


Lifetime Warranty (10 Years)


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