Steam Clean:

Frees your microwave of grease and food odor in a matter of minutes using steam. Ideal after cooking or heating spicy or oily food.

Oil Free Cooking:

Cook using very little or no oil, enhancing the taste and nutrition of your food. Reheat, grill or bake.

Disinfect baby bottles and utensils:

Complete germ care for dishes and little one’s essentials, sterilized in minutes.


Ensures every meal starts germ-free and fresh by removing stale odors from inside the microwave.

Auto Defrost:

Blends the magic of microwave and grill modes to cook and brown delicious meals.

Combination Cooking:

Cook and brown delicious meals blending the magic of convection and grill modes.

Blends the magic of microwave and grill modes to cook and brown delicious meals.

Multi Stage Cooking:

Stores 3 types of cooking cycles in its memory. Screen reader support enabled.


Satisfy barbecue cravings. Perfect grilling every time! Ideal for kebabs and tikkas.

Grill Mode:

Enjoy well-done food in minutes as the double grill function works to distribute heat evenly.


Enjoy creamy yoghurt at the touch of a finger using a pre-set auto cook menu.


Ferment dough, batter or dairy products at your leisure.

Auto Cook Menus:

Standard menus to help you explore new flavors and menus in the comfort of your home. Everything from kebabs, pizzas or popcorn!

Heater Selection Option:

Use heater mode H1 (Grill) or H2 (Convection) on high power.

Temperature Setting:

11 temperature levels for flexible cooking or heating options.

Power Levels:

Vary the heat according to your dish; make overcooking a thing of the past.

Keep Warm:

Uses a low power level to keep the temperature of your food warm without overcooking it up to 90 mins.

Child Lock:

This safety feature prevents microwave accidents when you’ve got children around.

Overheating Protection:

Switches OFF the microwave’s heating element if the temperature gets too high.

Sensor Malfunction Protection:

Helps keep your home safe.

IFB Care:

Across 2,500+ cities nationwide, supported by our helpline. Just call 1860 208 5678.


Download the My IFB App and get connected—shop, cook, register your appliance, book a service.


Our machines are built to last. First-of-its-kind 4 year genuine warranty and 10 year spare parts support.

Weight 18.4 kg
Dimensions 53.9 × 30 × 43.7 cm

30 Litres

Microwave Frequency


Power Supply/Frequency (V/Hz)

230 V/50 Hz

Wattage (w)



6 Years Spare Parts Support; 1 Year Comprehensive + 3 Years on Magnetron & Cavity


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