• 150 Ah capacity, 12V
  • Warranty 42* Months (24M Flat + 18M Pro-rata)
  • Tubular plate Technology
  • Uniform distribution of positive active material for long life and superior performance
  • Latest innovation with thick tubular plates – best suited for areas with frequent and long power cut.
  • Next generation tall tubular battery with better charge acceptance and long Back up
  • Puncture-resistant polyethylene separator which minimize the possibility of internal short circuits
  • It has high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition for long battery life
  • Best Solution for areas with long and frequent power cuts
  • Easy maintenance with level indicators.
Weight 49.5 kg
Dimensions 50.2 × 19.1 × 38.8 cm



42* Months (24M Flat + 18M Pro-rata)

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