Eco Recovery™ Technology

Powered with Eco Recovery™ Technology that delivers efficient purification giving you high water saving compared to any other RO. It minimise reject water to less than 1 glass for every glass of water purified vs Other RO’s that waste upto 2.5 glasses per glass purified.

Advanced 7-Stage Purification

Water passes through Advanced 7 Stages of RO+UV+MF Purification so that you get 100% safe & sweet tasting water without any harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals & chemicals.

Special Mineral Cartridge

Enriches water by adding essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium, giving you healthy, mineral enriched water.

100% RO Purification

All water passes through RO ensuring complete purification & no mixing of purified & impure water.

High speed purification

High speed purification of up to 24 litres/hour. Purifies water required for the entire day in less than 1 hour.

Smartsense Indicators

Advance Alert warns you 15 days before filter expiry and Auto Shut Off stops water if filter is not changed. 100% guarantee of safe and sweet water.

Large Storage Capacity

Comes with a high capacity water tank with up to 10 litres storage, so you always have instant access to safe and sweet water throughout the day even during power failures.

United states enviroment protection agency (USEPA) compliant

Meets stringent international criteria for microbiologically safe drinking water by removing 1 crore virus & 10 crore bacteria from 1litre water.

100% Food grade plastic

Prevents harmful toxins from leaching into water.

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 485 × 360 × 253 cm

10 Litres

Wattage (w)



1 Year

Working Range(Input)


Membrane Type

Thin Flim Composite Spiral Wound

Pump Type

Daiphram Pump, 24V DC

Purification Technology

Advanced 7 Stage Purification with RO+UV+MF


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