Power 1100 W

For Effective and Effortless Ironing

Convenient and Shock Proof Plastic Body

Ensures safe ironing experience

Golden American Heritage Soleplate

Helps the iron glide easily on fabric for wrinkle-free, smooth finish

 360° Swivel Cord

For Flexible Movement

 Dual colour LED Indicator Light

For convenient ironing experience

Easy ironing

Under Buttons

5 fabric settings

Suited for all types of Fabric

Indicator Lamp

to indicate operational readiness


Overheat Safety Shutoff to Protect from Accidents Due to Overheating

Indicator Lamp to Indicate Operational Readiness

Shock Proof Plastic Handle and Body

Power Supply/Frequency (V/Hz)

230 V/50 Hz

Wattage (w)



1 Year

Coming Soon


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